The Full Time CEO Masterclass

£7.99 £33.99

Dreaming of going full-time on your small business, but feeling like it's an impossible uphill battle? I've got you. I went full time on my business in just 4 months and I'm here to help you do the same.

This masterclass includes:

- Building a profitable and sustainable product suite

- Building a profitable business model

- How to analyse your analytics for growth

- The secrets of selling

- How to create emails in Canva

- How to increase your flows of sales for consistency

- How to increase your flows of traffic for consistency

- How to find your target market

- How to convert strangers to loyal customers

- How taxes work for sole traders and limited companies

- Which insurance you need as a business

- How to budget your money for growth

- How to find your unique selling point


On top of that, you'll receive a bunch of digital freebies, including:

- Our best selling Full Time Planner

- Finding your target market eBook

- The annual finance journal

- My business goals journal

- Marketing strategy workbook

- Get your business seen: One year plan eBook

- Branding strategy workbook

- Full Time In 100 Days Challenge Planner

- Storytelling Content Planner

- The Handmade Business Workbook (for etsy sellers)

- The Ecommerce Business Workbook (for website sellers)

- The Full Time CEO Workbook

- Tonnes of printable worksheets for budgeting and tracking

- Audit your Etsy workbook

- Audit your website workbook


Available to download for lifetime access.