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The Etsy SEO Masterclass

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  • £33.99
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SEO is tricky... It doesn't just consist of putting keywords in your titles and tags.

Your conversion rate is one of the biggest factors impacting it too. So, in this new masterclass I haven't just taught you about keywords...

But, literally EVERYTHING to boom your Etsy shop. Everything that allowed me to generate 20+ sales a day, without promoting on social media.



- Keyword mistakes you're probably making

- How to research keywords

- Step by step keyword video tutorial

- Keyword examples for 5+ different products

- Step by step tutorial on how to fix up your Etsy shop

- How to take the best product photos

- 'About Us' section template

- 3 formulas for product descriptions

- How to price your products

- Conversion killers and how to fix them

- How the Etsy algorithm works and how to beat it

- How to analyse your stats to see better results



I've even given an in-depth look into my Etsy shop SEO so you can see E X A C T L Y how I did it, so you can follow the same path.

Nothing is left unsaid in this masterclass... Whether you're a complete newbie, or just feel like you've tried everything, this will sort you out once and for all.


I'm actually so confident in it, that if you don't follow it FULLY and don't see results, I'll audit your Etsy for FREE to help you resolve the issue.

If you're looking for success on Etsy, this is all you really need...



2 hours long - split into two parts

You'll be able to download it to keep forever, plus the slides to print at home

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